I am beyond pleased we hired Gwendolyn as our tour guide and driver! I loved how personalized the service was. Before we booked, she and I had a chat on the phone so she could get a feel for what my boyfriend and I wanted for the day. We only knew of one winery we really wanted to go to, so Gwendolyn did the rest. We LOVED everything she recommended! And it was so incredibly relaxing to just let her do all the directing and driving while we got to drink and eat at our leisure instead of being on a crowded bus tour or over spending with the more expensive private tours. We basically got the high-end experience for less. This is the only way I would do Napa.

– Noren & Steve

Exactly the type of person you want to spend the day with! We loved our Napa Valley wine tour! And thank you for the dinner recommendation! Just perfect!

– The Wiggins

Beautiful soul. I genuinely adored our conversation and the carefully thought out tour. I feel blessed to have spent the day with you.

– Matty G. from Wisconsin via text

Absolutely the best day in Napa! Gwendolyn was like visiting a cousin who knows all the in spots! My sister, daughters and I, had a blast! And we have a new friend. Already booked her again for my anniversary in 2018.

– The Girls from Utah

Highly recommend. She picked us up from our Hotel in San Francisco. Drove us over the Golden Gate Bridge, to a brilliant view of the city, for pictures. We spent the day in Napa seeing much more than we expected. We went well over the allotted time. She even made dinner reservations for us in San Francisco and dropped us off at the restaurant in time for dinner. Thank you for the gift bag.

– N. and C. Nichols, London

Amazing service! Reserving Gwendolyn’s services the first day in town was one of the best things we did while in Napa. We asked for a tour that would give us a general overview of the area, so we would be able to go out on our own the following four days. We feel like we really made the most of our trip thanks to her!

– Craig from Illinois

A couple of years ago I went on one of those ‘herd them up’ cattle bus tours, no thanks! Gwendolyn’s tour is the best of the Napa Valley wine tours! The only way to go! Thanks for the great pictures of my girl and me.

– Dave The New Yorker

Great tour! Great fun! Told my parents to get Gwendolyn next year when they visit.

– Bryan, New Zealand